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Tonight I reveled in my geekiness and I got to shake hands with a certain Mr. Wil Wheaton. It seems an odd fixation for me to have, but his experience is very close to mine –  expect I was never a child actor and haven’t gone on to fame and fortune as a blogger. Other than that exactly the same. I’m really too tired to write much more, but I wanted to honor the createive energies that I just wintnessed in some way. I haven’t laughed that hard in many a moon. The clever jokes came faster than Flash trying to outrun Superman. [See if you were there then you would get that.]
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Sipping the Kool-Aid Again

I went to the Luanch event today for Microsoft Office 2010. With my NEW JOB I probably won’t get to use much of what they went over today. It was a little bittersweet to think about not being the one to decide if and when we might use new technology. At the OLD JOB I pretty much made all of the decisions and would start using Office 2010 as soon as it came out. At my NEW JOB I am low enough in the food chain that I am not even sure they will ask my opinion. Needless to say I am much happier at my NEW JOB. I am using Windows 2003 and Windows XP, with Lotus Notes as my email client. All choices out of my control, but I don’t mind too much. I am enjoying the work I do and even though I am starting to realize that every place has it’s polotics at least it doesn’t feel like a personal attack as it did at the OLD JOB. I admit that I have had a few doubts about if making the leap was the right call, but the Old Soul was at the event today and we talked about things at the OLD COMPANY and I realized very quickly that I was glad to be gone. I feel like the Old Soul and BIL betrayed me a little because they are not interested in leaving. I always thought we complained about the same things, but I guess it doesn’tt crush their soul as much as it did mine. Intelectually I don’t really begrudge them trying to be happy with where they are, but emotionally it feels like they think I am an idiot for leaving. I really hate feeling like an idiot.
[Meta-Comment: I just found a new feature in the blog writer to insert a Search Link. It opens bing to a search page for the highlighted text. This is great since most of my links are informational I don’t really care about the specific page I just want the Loyal Reader to be able to pull up information on things that I talk about quickly. Very Cool.]
We are having a big Turning 40 party this weekend. Gen Y’s mom is catering for us at quite the discount. It is still probably way more money than we should have spent, but you only live once. Right? It should be fun. For my part I plan on having a beer or two at the beginning and then making it sombody elses job to ensure there is never an empty beer in my hand. I’ve had some recent outings that make me think drinking is not really worth it, but I won’t have to drive anywhere and we’ve never thrown a party like this and probably won’t again any time soon.
0 Miles.
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The Deal with the Hats


Many things happened at Disneyland on Sunday not the least of which is that Little Wolf and Green Girl obtained new hats midway through the day. We had just finished riding the Indiana Jones ride and were deposited into a store full of Indy merchandise including leather fedoras, whips and really cool snow globes. The Little Wolf almost immediately picked out a hat and asked for his money to buy it. We explained to him that it would use up all of his money and had pretty much talked him out of it when the idea of the deal occurred to me. I agreed that we would pay for half of the hat if he promised to wear it all week. I was thinking of the great pictures I would get and he was thinking of all the dark catacombs he would CIMG7671get to explore. I think it worked out pretty good and I did get some great pictures. Shortly after I made the same deal with the Green girl as she coveted a cloth pill box hat with a pattern that subtly included images of Jack Sklelington.  She looked very cute all week and was very pleased with her purchase.



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Going West

We started our vacation at about 9am on a Saturday morning. In theory we are headed out to Sunny Southern California to go to my very good friend’s wedding. We went to high school together and he is the Kitten’s Godfather. In reality we are taking a trip to Disneyland and working in the wedding. It is no slight to Uncle Godfather, afterall how could he compete with Disneyland. After wrapping up some last minute details on Friday (like who was going to feed the cat) we were up until after midnight packing. With help from the Hot Teacher’s uncle we got to the Airport in plenty of time. While in line for security we encoutered a man who didn’t get there in time and started plowing through the line uttering "tight flight" with a slightly german accent as thought this explained everything. Everyone in line (us inlcuded) had fun mocking him after he was out of ear shot. There was enough time before our flight for hot Teacher to get a coffee from some very happy baristas and for the Wolf to read some of his new Garfield comic book. He expressed an interest in Garfield when we were in the Library the other day and I immediately got behind the idea. When I was the Wolf’s age and my dad was away on assignment he would often send me or come back with a Garfield book. Jim Davis has put about about 50 Garfield books so it was a good one to go with. The Wolf also brought a Calvin and Hobbes book, but I think he can only read so much of that in one sitting.  As part of our voyage we had a four hour lay over in Salt Lake City. It wasn’t too bad, but our friend Unka Scrooge sent us a picture of him in Disneyland just to rub it in. 
We arrived in Long Beach around 5:30 and were able to quickly get a car from Avis. It then took us a little over an hour to get to the hotel because we programmed a wrong address into the TomTom, but realized our error eventually and pulled out the reservation sheet to put in the exact address of the Diney land Hotel. We got here and I didn’t even make it up to the room because I was already running late for the bachelor party, which was luckily close enough to the hotel for walking. I had a nice evening talking to Uncle Godfather and his friends, but sad to say it wasn’t very bachleor party-like. It was more happy hour with a focus. The focus being get the groom drunk. He and a few die hards traveld off to "We-Ho" after the happy hour died down (11pm) and I am sure that was a little more racous. I declined because I knew that I had a fun filled adventure at Disnyland the next day.
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Memory on Wheels

A little over a week ago I was lucky enough to go on an outing with the Family to the local Roller Rink. A friend of the Kitten’s had some coupons that were going to expire and the plan was hatched while they were all at ice skating lessons. I haven’t been roller skating since 1988 and it that was a singularity since I hadn’t really done any roller skating since Junior High in Altus, OK. It all came back pretty quickly for which I was grateful. I was never a great skater. I never did the whole I’ll skate backwards while you skate forwards holding hands type thing, but back in Junior High I knew some girls who could do the skating backwards part. While I was there I found myself in a searching pattern for the kids and for Hot Teacher which along with the 70’s music completed the time warp experience. I can remember skating around and around the rink looking for certain girls and trying to either catch them or evade them.  Now I was looking for certain girls again, but for completely different reasons. It all came together and made for a great afternoon. For full disclosure I have to admit I did fall once, but it was that damn punk’s fault. He cut right in front of me just as I was groovin’ to ABBA.

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Let’s Here it for the Boy

Even though I already wrote my witty observation this morning about Driving on Ice I couldn’t let the day go by without writing about my new nephew. It is a weird thing because I feel proud and joyful, but that doesn’t really explain it. Now that he is born I have to admit I have been worried about Big Sister and I’m glad she’s done with the physical strain of having a child. [Now let the mental strain begin.] There was a lot of waiting and I will resist the urge to make a joke about Big Sister always being late. Daily I was amused by Hot Teacher’s inner struggle to call/not call and find out what was going on. She remembers being frustrated by all of the, ‘So had that Baby yet?" people, but it was killing her not to call. I am looking forward to meeting him next week. Mom and Dad are already out there and I’m sure cooing over him as is the their job as grandparents.

To my nephew I say, "Welcome."

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Control (of your vehicle) is an Illusion

I discovered this morning that I am truly a jaded Minnesota driver. On my way to work my car didn’t stop when I hit the break. I then slipped out into the middle of an intersection blocking on coming traffic. I remember this happening the first year I moved here and after the adrenaline wore off I slowly backed up behind the line of traffic. My heart was pounding and I I was probably just happy that I wasn’t killed by an on coming Semi. This morning  I found that I wasn’t scared at all, but just embarrassed. I clearly tried to stop too fast and everyone there knew it. Once I was into the intersection I took my foot off the break and just plowed through the red light. No one even honked.

On an unrelated note. BIL and I went out for drinks last night to avoid getting caught in traffic. We had what I thought was a really great talk.

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