I Hate Printers

If I needed proof that I have a temper my inkjet printer combined with MS Word’s mail merge provided it last night. Hot Teacher* asked me to print the labels for our Christmas cards. (At this point they are more like New Year’s cards, but it’s better than bailing all together.) After spending 30 minutes finding last year’s spreadsheet of names and addresses we then had to update it with all the changes this year – another 30 minutes. I’m going to take a minute here to say that, "I’m a PC." I have drunk the Microsoft Kool Aid and use MS Office all day every day. Proof of this should be that I am stubbornly creating a Live Space instead of going to Facebook or other more user freindly social networking sites. And yet….I can’t remember the last time I got so frustrated with a program than last night when I was trying to use word to print labels. I went through most of a pack of 25 sheets of labels to get the 5 pages we needed. It kept quitting half after the first page or half way through the list.I’m still not really sure how I got it to work, and in the end I had to split my spreadsheet into two to make sure we go everything.  I am sure that if there had been a hammer close by the printer would not be alive today.
*I debated with myself long and hard about using real names (at least three minutes), but in the end I dcided that clever nicknames for all of the people in my life is more fun. I am blatantly copying Hot Teacher from DadGoneMad’s use of Hot Wife.
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