All Booked Up

I’m going to take ten minutes like I promised myself to put in a quick entry about yesterday. Evidently the people around me know what I like because yesterday I got two late Christmas gifts both of which were signed books. One was from a friend who knows I like John Scalzi and got me a signed edition of Old Man’s War. (Which was great because I gave my non-signed copy a way a few months back to the Best Man.) Someone at work gave me a book by her cousin, which actually looks quite good. It is a near future novel called the Suicide Collectors and the idea of being once removed from the author is pretty cool.  We had our big NYE party last night and you can see pictures at the Hot Teacher’s Facebook page. Some utterances that I wanted to remember from last night.


"Chickens don’t wear gloves." – Little Niece, age 5

"…so how did they knew the strippers were ovulating." – Me

"Oh look, the Drink Fairy!" – Friend of Hot Teacher

"It IS what it IS." – probably everyone at some point and wound up being the toast at midnight


It was fun and everyone made it past midnight except BIL*, Little niece and Little Nephew. BIL left early to put those two to bed because they are Little. Much Rum was consumed and Millennium Sundae’s were enjoyed by all.

*BIL = Brother-In-Law
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