Why is a Raven like a Computer Desk?

I Spent most of the day working on dismantling our old computer desk and then remantling the new IKEA desk that Hot Teacher bought yesterday. Of course that was after sleeping until an embarrassing 11 am. I’d like to say that this was an unusual occurrence for me, but I am still pretty notorious for sleeping in late on weekends. I was pretty tired when I got home from work yesterday, but 11 still seems a little indulgent. It was weird/annoying to go back to work for one day between New Year’s Day and the weekend. I surprised myself by actually getting some work done and helped someone else discover a whole new way to solve a problem we’ve been looking at for months. [If I’m reading this in the future it was the Crystal I/O thing that we figured out.]

Perhaps I should explain a little about the desk. We’ve been using a computer desk that we got for free a while back. We were glad to get it at the time but over the years I have come to hate it. The main reason for my vitriol was the CPU shelf had a lip in front of it on the side which meant that you could only access the computer from the back if you wanted to plug in a new accessory. You know like a brand new USB printer/scanner/fax thing. I mean this must have come up at least once a year and every time I would practically rip apart the desk. When that didn’t work I would then struggle to get behind the desk. I usually wound up plugging things in by feel and that works so well because a USB plug couldn’t possibly fit into a Internet cable jack – of course not. We got a new computer a year ago and I refused to put it in the CPU shelf and put it on the floor instead. There was much rejoicing by me and those who did not have to listen to me complain about how much I hated the desk. At least for a little while. I soon realized that even with my easy access to the back of the computer and all of its places to connect new toys accessories that I still did not like the desk. It just didn’t work for me. In my opinion it was a 1990’s computer desk that had just didn’t work in the 21st century. The way we use computers is different than when that desk was designed and the price of large flat screen monitors has come way down. It needed to be updated. Evidently my wife got tired of listening to me complain or just wanted an excuse to spend a lot of money at IKEA. It’s not all up yet, but enough that I can type in this very amusing rant about poor furniture design.

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