Because Thoreau Never Wrote on Either

Day two of the office Remantle. [Remodel makes it sound like more than it is especially as I look at the rubble still lying around to be put back away.] Slept way too late again and thus my entire waking day was planned out in order to get everything done that needed to get done. Hot Teacher made two trips to IKEA and one to the hardware store in order to get all of the parts we needed to hang the storage cabinets she wanted. They are up now and they look great. I said several times during the project, "Cabinets on the wall would not have been my first thought, but it does keep the desk clear." The fact that it got completed today (or at all) is due to the patience and tenacity of my wife. I would have given up on the idea and lived in a half completed room for years before it annoyed me enough to do anything about it. I took some before and after pictures and I’ll post them as soon as I get them off of the camera.







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