The Terror That Flaps in the Night

darkwing_duck Last night as part of the weekly ritual in our household that combines Bath Night with Movie Night we got to watch a piece of nostalgia. For Christmas Hot Teacher got me volume I and II of Darkwing Duck, a Disney Afternoon TV series that ran while I was in college and a little after. This is also the time in our lives when you might say we were a-courtin’ so perhaps that helps it take a special place in my heart. The Little Wolf loved it and we wound up watching four episodes. Green girl was tolerant and Kitten seemed Ok with it*. I enjoyed every minute of it especially the late 80’s early 90’s style theme song.To continue the night after the young ones went to bed we watched the first episode ever of ER. Green Girl watched with us which was only fair because it was her gift to her mother for Christmas.


*Green Girl is the oldest daughter (a teenager) , Kitten is the middle child and she loves cats, Tomorrow you will see why the youngest is called Little Wolf.

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