Losing My Marbles

AkelaLast night was Monday night and for me that means a night of herding Wolf Scouts. I share this responsibility with one of the other dads and all I can say is that we Do Our Best. Over the weekend I spent some time figuring out what we could do to kill an hour and I came up with playing Marbles. I have a really cool set that I got for Christmas two years ago and I thought it would be a fun game where they wouldn’t be running around like maniacs. Of course all they really want to do is run around so that might be where the conflict began. I had it all planned out, but then I forgot the felt mat for them to play on and Marbles on a indoor floor is really just running around chasing marbles. With a little luck we found a table cloth that had a great fuzzy underside and got them all set up. My plan of playing marbles for an hour vanished quickly when three of the four boys couldn’t figure out how to shoot a marble. That probably would have been okay except the fourth boy was dominating and didn’t want to slow down for them. I am not sure exactly at which point we lost control, but one boy quit, practically in tears, and my Little Wolf threw a marble at one of the other boys. I changed the game to Cub Scout Went to Town and everyone was happily guessing which hand I had the marble in when the cupcakes arrived. Next Monday it’s the other guys turn to plan a meeting. I wish him luck.

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