Standup Comics

Hi, my name is Mike and I am a comics junkie. It started out with the Sunday Funnies when I was a kid and has progressed from there. The only part of the paper that I read now is the comics. Hot Teacher will usually throw the rest of the paper away, but leave the correct section out for me to find when I get home from work. [That’s right she is an enabler.] In recent years I have moved on to the quick fix – Internet comics. I subscribe to two RSS feed for comics and I will stumble upon others now and then while I am surfing the Internet – usually from Digg. Here is a list of Internet Comics that I have come to enjoy in no particular order.


Business Casual

A Great Business and IT Comic that has nothing to do with clothes.

I actually met the author, Joe Combs, at a comic convention last fall.


"A webcomic of romance,sarcasm, math, and language."

What more does one need?

Abstruse Goose

Usually funny, but the web site is not always up.


Penny Arcade

By Gamers, for Gamers.


Cyanide and Happiness

Drawn by a group of really sick-minded individuals. It’s hilarious.


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

I am sure this guy has a large therapy bill. 


Hijinks Ensue

"Geeking for the sake of geekery."

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