What’s for Dinner?

We have a grocery problem in our house. Ever since Simon Delivers, the local Internet Grocer, went belly up we have to do our shopping over the weekend and not at 9 o’clock at night while sitting in front of the TV. For the first few weeks I took on this task and it fueled my interest for cooking. I could buy the ingredients that I wanted and pick up that extra box of Zingers if the mood struck me. It was fun. However, grocery shopping is one of those things that stops being fun when you have to do it. Hot Teacher has gone a few times and we’ve even gone together a couple times, but this past weekend nobody went. I think we are going to rationalize ourselves into starvation. Here was our logic: Sunday we figured out that we had everything we needed for Meatloaf and Hamburgers and talked ourselves into going to the store after dinner on Monday night. Hot Teacher was running errands Monday night and picked up some chicken and couscous so now we could go after dinner on Tuesday. We realized that we could have frozen pizza for dinner so we talked ourselves into going after dinner on Wednesday night. [I have recently discovered that in today’s modern Super Market they have an entire aisle devoted to frozen pizza.If you run the numbers really quick that is about 1/2 a million pizzas sitting in grocery store freezers in the Twin Cities great area.]  After we devoured the frozen pizza nobody went shopping. Based on what is left on the fridge tonight we are looking at having pickles and yogurt.

[Update: We wound up eating breakfast for dinner and it was quite tasty.]

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