Better Out than In

I spent most of today in bed while two weasels fought each other in my stomach. As a point of pride I have not thrown up, but I’m beginning to think it would be for the best. I am now the third in the family to succumb to this nasty bug. It all started last night. I was on the phone with Big Sister when someone was trying to call, but we didn’t recognize the number. Naturally I ignored it. About an hour after I got off the phone they called back to tell us that The Kitten had been throwing up since about 7pm. She was on a school trip that they take twice in three years.She had been so excited about it and I felt really sad that she wasn’t going to enjoy the trip. Hot Teacher took it a step further and drove up to get her knowing that she wouldn’t be getting back home until after midnight. I half-heartedly volunteered to go instead, but Hot Teacher knows me and she knows that driving around in the dark trying to find a nature park in the middle of nowhere is not one of my strengths. Directionally challenged you see. Turns out it was good that I didn’t go because that is when it started -The Weasel fights. It would have taken me a lot longer to get the Kitten, what with all the rest stops I would have needed to take. This morning the Kitten was feeling perfect so Hot Teacher drove her back up to the school trip. She is nice that way.

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