Will Work for Merit Badges

First Thursday of the month [I know it is the second Thursday, but we pushed everything back for the holidays.] for me means the Cub Scout Pack Committee meeting. We meet at a neighborhood restaurant that I think is amazingly tolerant of our, "Just Coffee Please" mentality. Then again it’s not like they don’t have the extra tables. I’m hoping they do a good lunch business. About ten minutes into the meeting the Leader of the Pack reminds me that I said I would present the Family Friends of Scouting campaign. Technically, I said I would do it if he asked someone else and they said no. I even gave him a couple names. So I am now the official beggar for the Boy Scouts of America. They are very organized about it and even gave me a script to present at a meeting of my choice. It has to be done by the end of March though and that limits me to about two choices – this coming Saturday or the middle of March. March it is. After reading all of the material last night I was guilted into the decision of donating $171. That is the amount it costs the BSA to fund a single scout for one year. Now i just have to pass on that guilt to all of the other parents and I are home free.


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