I Must Go Down to the Sea Again

Today was the Cub Scout RaintGutter Regatta for Pack 66. The boys get to decorate and build a small boat from a kit (takes about 10 -20 minutes). They then get to race the boats in rain gutters that are capped on both ends and filled with water. The boats have a small paper sail and they have to propel their boats using only wind. They can choose to blow or use a small wooden hand fan. The fan can be a little tricky so you see a lot of boys with red faces at the end of the rain gutter. Amazingly enough no one has passed out from the this either year we’ve done it. There were a lot of pirate ships floating on those rain gutters today and my Wolf was no different. I think he drew on about 50 cannons. It is a double elimination tournament and the Wolf got to race his boat 4 times, which was better than the two he raced it last year, but he was still a little disappointed. It was enough to get him 2nd place in his Den and I think he had fun, which is really the point. Of course better than the 2nd place certificate is that he has a another boat to play with.

In other news Hot Teacher went to her Cross Country Ski lesson today even though she pulled a muscle in her leg. She really tried to talk herself out of it, but I wouldn’t let her.

Rain Gutter Regatta  upldPictures-Unit356-pics3493-piny2470

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