Need for Speed

The Wolf got to try out his new snow saucer today. It’s been in the back of my mind to go sledding every weekend since Christmas, but it just never happened. This morning we almost dawdled our way out of going again, but we made it over to the edge of the golf course by our house. It has lots of great hills and you can park right at the top of the a big one that isn’t too steep. Things started out well. Everyone went down a few times and even though it was snowing it wasn’t too cold. Turns out that the snow saucer was the fastest sled we brought with us and the Wolf didn’t want to share. The Kitten really wanted to use the saucer and the Wolf was being a little brother about the whole thing. We tried a variety of hills and I think the only ones to take a tumble were me and the Wolf. [He got a really good face full of snow and managed to laugh it off.] We stayed until-it-was-too-late minus five minutes. Hot cocoa when we got home ended a pretty good outing.

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