The Nostalgia Addiction

I’ve recently started using Facebook. Initially it was just to help Hot Teacher post some pictures to her Facebook, but I have found myself pulled into it more and more. I have found friends from all parts of my life that I thought I would never hear from again. I find myself racking my brain at night trying to think of other names that I can search so I can get that few moments of, "Wow, it’s little Teddy Kowalski from 6th grade!" I’ve found everyone from my first college roommate to my old boss in Pasadena. One of my favorite ones was connecting with my high school Physics teacher. We both went to the same college so we have a special bond you see. One that took us at least 30 seconds of back and forth messages to recap. I keep meaning to go back to each one of these reconnects and send a long message about what I have been up to and throw in a few, "Remember when we skipped school to go play ultimate Frisbee in the park*? Good Times." I am even thinking of recapping year by year and just sharing it out to everyone. The hope would be to inspire these refound friends to do the same.  Then I could take them all and publish a book called the Facebook Files.


*Unless I was writing to my physics teacher. He still doesn’t know about that.

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