Rise of the Machines

Last Friday we created a Social Networking Site for the company, this week we worked on the actual network.  I just spent the last two hours talking about SANS, blade servers, SQL Server Licensing and Active Directory Replication. My white board is covered with names of machines that have lines pointing to them, circling them, and crossing them out. It was quite a bit of fun actually. It was mostly a logic puzzle of available resources and cost of new ones. In the end I think we confirmed that BIL’s plan is the best way to go and everything should fall in place pretty nicely for the rest of the IT year. Nothing has been approved in the budget, but there have been nebulous statements that we can expect to get things approved. The Little Boss will want to know what visible improvements he will see and we’ve got a list of improvements that at least sound good on paper. I’m sure people walking by the office were wondering what we were working on. I thought of joking that it took us that long to figure out where we were going to lunch, but I was afraid someone might believe me.

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One Response to Rise of the Machines

  1. David says:

    Hi Mike. Thanks for giving props to my book. Just keep on trucking, man.David Oppegaard

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