The Office (pt 2)

Last night I dreamed about work. In the dream Little Boss moved me out of my office and back into a cubicle. Not hard to interpret that one. Since it was a dream I didn’t think it was weird at all until I started waking up and then I got mad. I can’t decide if I have just been really lucky until now at my job and I just need to accept that this is how things are going to be or if I should try and move on. Of course this falls under the category of it is much easier to complain than extol. The Little Boss is actually a good guy and the Big Boss has the stated goal of dying with no enemies. He’s never met a man he wouldn’t buy a drink for. I get paid quite well and most days I can decide what I want to work on, but there are days when I just feel like they would be happier if I left. Easier for Little boss than dealing with the confrontation of my ideas on how we should do things. Easier for Big Boss to not have to think about the third partner. The contemplation of leaving is both terrifying and exciting. I grew up changing my address and school every four years and I have now been at the same address and workplace for over six years. Time for a change?

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