Hell and Back

When we went to the Ice Fishing play couple weeks ago the thought had been to eat brunch beforehand at Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a very unique restaurant that is owned by the parent of one of Hot Teacher’s students. She has been looking for an excuse to take me their for two years now, but we just don’t go to downtown Minneapolis very often. Well the Teacher’s aunt, who was responsible for the play outing, thought we should just book a brunch as well. Smart Lady. Yesterday BIL and the Stray Cat left their kids with the Green Girl and we then joined the gang at Hell’s Kitchen. It was quite the experience from the Raven’s looking down on us as we entered, the live gospel(ish) music being sung on a stage with a red piano, and the Far Side Pub with Coffee Mug - Far Side Damned if You Do Dontthe appropriate Far Side in Hell cartoons plastered on the walls. The artwork of Ralph Steadman was laid on a little thick and as we left it became clear why. One of the owners of the restaurant has an original Ralph Steadman tattoo. Clearly a fan. I had the Eggs Benedict and while there was nothing too sinful about them, they were quite tasty and I cleared my plate to the last drop of hollandaise. Given the fame of the peanut butter I also ordered some extra toast so that I could enjoy probably the best PB&J I’ve ever had. Hot Teacher had brought home some of the peanut butter before so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, but I had honestly forgotten how good it was. 

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