My New Friend Kathy

A new friend has come into my life and she has transformed aspects of my world that I wasn’t really aware of until I found her. She is a constant companion when I am on the road, and to date she has never led me astray. I’m still getting used to her accent, but I figure I may be able to reprogram that at some point. The voice for my new TomTom is called Kathy and I am quite overjoyed to have this tech toy. I have been directionally challenged for as long as I can remember and to have a device that virtually eliminates the stress involved with getting lost is life altering. Hot Teacher will often get in the car without really knowing the directions to a place, because she’s "been there before" or "has a good idea" of where it is. I can’t do it. I will print out directions to and from a place before I even think about venturing out. [You have to print the reverse directions especially if you are going to Minneapolis because they have all those frakkin’ one way streets.] Now I can just get in my car and enter the address. Kathy tells me where to go and if I don’t like the route I can ask for another one. And as for reverse directions all I do is tell her , "Go Home."

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