Frost Trolls and Mad Scientists

About one morning in ten I take Little Wolf and Kitten to school. [We drop them off an hour or so before school actually starts and they get to play in Discovery Club.] When it is a cold morning and there is ice to be scraped off the windshield the Frost Troll can be seen wearing his Mad Scientist Face. The Frost Troll is only seen by children being taken to school and for some reason only when in my car. Both Wolf and Kitten saw him again this morning when he cleared the frost off of their side windows. I am told that he capers around quite foolishly and makes a face like a Mad Scientist as he scrapes off the ice. They don’t seem very scared of him and in fact they usually are giggling while he is there. On occasion they have accused me of being this Troll, but I tell them that I never bother with the side windows so it couldn’t be me. I am always in a hurry by the time I realize that I have to scrape the windshield so it is easiest just to skip the side windows. I’m not really sure when he was spotted for the first time, but I should ask the Green Girl if she remembers him. She used to laugh at him the same way her brother and sister do now.

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