Sometimes I Don’t Get I.T. Either

This week has been very challenging for me technology wise. It started off with our SQL server going down due to a large report. That was fine, but the normal shut down and restart of the services did not do what it should have and it took me two hours to get things back up and running. The next day I had to reinstall our main application on one of the servers because it was missing some files. We figured out the reason for that later, but it was quite the mystery while it was happening. Wednesday I came across an error in one of our reports that is causing real money to be transferred incorrectly. Now I am monitoring this every day so that it can’t happen again, but in the mean time I am unable to find the hole in the logic that is causing the error. I thought I had an aha moment on my drive in today, but when I checked out my new theory it was a bust. Today I am working on a process that will replace the need for that report, but I’ve hit another wall. [Geekspeak: My problem is with using the Common Language Runtime in SQL 2005, it won’t let me create the assembly in any mode other than Safe and I need to access external elements. Like the file structure for one.] On the up side I figured out a new way to solve a problem today that I pretty much thought was impossible.

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