She is the smARTIST

I was fortunate enough to see the Green Girl in a play over the weekend called The Point. It is a play her school is putting on and she has been going to rehearsals all week. We missed the Thursday night performance because we went out and on Friday night I guess we were just lame. I know some of the parents made it to all four performances. It was nice to have a small part in what the Green girl’s life has been for the last month or so. She had a break out part in one of the songs [Did I mention it was a musical?] and even while a small part of my mind was thinking she needs to be louder, I was very proud. She didn’t shrink from her role in the choir as I have seen her and others do in the past. She looked confident as she harmonized her part with the others. I’ve heard her faintly singing in the next room for the last few weeks. When I get close enough to hear her better I still have that double take of, "Wow! that sounds just like Big Sister." I’ve thought of asking her if she wants to pursue this singing thing, but I don’t want to scare her away from enjoying it.

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