a priori Parenting

I wish there was some fundamental truth that explained how you are supposed to raise your children. Even with only two people in charge the times when we emotionally agree on things seems rare. With each passing generation children are treated more and more with kid gloves. [Yes that was on purpose.] I understand the motive and it even makes sense – we want to protect our kids and we want to make things as easy as we can for them. The problem is that life isn’t really easy and they can’t expect things to always go their way. There are definitely times when I wish I had lived a more structured childhood. I carry traits to this day that if I think about speak to a core laziness of character. Including my parenting skills. I can be a good dad when I focus on it, but like many other areas of my life I am not good at shifting gears. On a regular basis Little Wolf will come up to me and ask if we can play. [All of my kids do this, but the little Wolf is the worst.] I may be doing something completely brainless, but I am just not prepared to stop that and do whatever it is they want. Of course usually what they want is for me to come up with something to do and let’s face it I was doing something brainless for a reason. The thing that pushes my button the most is when I ask them to do something and they say flat out no or they whine and complain. We ask them to do so little and they appreciate none of it.


So…uh…yeah…Cub Scouts didn’t go real well last night.

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