I Don’t Want to Alarm You

It was a bright cold morning in February and the clocks were meowing thirteen…

At least that is how many times the clocked meowed this morning. The Kitten is not much of a morning person (can’t imagine where she gets that from) and is usually the straggler in the morning when trying to get out the door. For Christmas she received an alarm clock in the shape of a cat. It is very cute and it’s safe to say that she quite likes it. To make it even cuter instead of ringing or beeping when the alarm goes off it Meows. I have been counting the meows the last few mornings and she has never turned it off before the 10th one. It’s very loud and I can’t really complain because I should really be getting up before the Kitten. Mostly it servers as a reminder to me that I have chosen to sleep in again and that I will probably be a little late for work.


If you want a quick nostalgia trip look at this list of hit songs from 1984.

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