Control (of your vehicle) is an Illusion

I discovered this morning that I am truly a jaded Minnesota driver. On my way to work my car didn’t stop when I hit the break. I then slipped out into the middle of an intersection blocking on coming traffic. I remember this happening the first year I moved here and after the adrenaline wore off I slowly backed up behind the line of traffic. My heart was pounding and I I was probably just happy that I wasn’t killed by an on coming Semi. This morning  I found that I wasn’t scared at all, but just embarrassed. I clearly tried to stop too fast and everyone there knew it. Once I was into the intersection I took my foot off the break and just plowed through the red light. No one even honked.

On an unrelated note. BIL and I went out for drinks last night to avoid getting caught in traffic. We had what I thought was a really great talk.

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