Let’s Here it for the Boy

Even though I already wrote my witty observation this morning about Driving on Ice I couldn’t let the day go by without writing about my new nephew. It is a weird thing because I feel proud and joyful, but that doesn’t really explain it. Now that he is born I have to admit I have been worried about Big Sister and I’m glad she’s done with the physical strain of having a child. [Now let the mental strain begin.] There was a lot of waiting and I will resist the urge to make a joke about Big Sister always being late. Daily I was amused by Hot Teacher’s inner struggle to call/not call and find out what was going on. She remembers being frustrated by all of the, ‘So had that Baby yet?" people, but it was killing her not to call. I am looking forward to meeting him next week. Mom and Dad are already out there and I’m sure cooing over him as is the their job as grandparents.

To my nephew I say, "Welcome."

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