Memory on Wheels

A little over a week ago I was lucky enough to go on an outing with the Family to the local Roller Rink. A friend of the Kitten’s had some coupons that were going to expire and the plan was hatched while they were all at ice skating lessons. I haven’t been roller skating since 1988 and it that was a singularity since I hadn’t really done any roller skating since Junior High in Altus, OK. It all came back pretty quickly for which I was grateful. I was never a great skater. I never did the whole I’ll skate backwards while you skate forwards holding hands type thing, but back in Junior High I knew some girls who could do the skating backwards part. While I was there I found myself in a searching pattern for the kids and for Hot Teacher which along with the 70’s music completed the time warp experience. I can remember skating around and around the rink looking for certain girls and trying to either catch them or evade them.  Now I was looking for certain girls again, but for completely different reasons. It all came together and made for a great afternoon. For full disclosure I have to admit I did fall once, but it was that damn punk’s fault. He cut right in front of me just as I was groovin’ to ABBA.

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