The Deal with the Hats


Many things happened at Disneyland on Sunday not the least of which is that Little Wolf and Green Girl obtained new hats midway through the day. We had just finished riding the Indiana Jones ride and were deposited into a store full of Indy merchandise including leather fedoras, whips and really cool snow globes. The Little Wolf almost immediately picked out a hat and asked for his money to buy it. We explained to him that it would use up all of his money and had pretty much talked him out of it when the idea of the deal occurred to me. I agreed that we would pay for half of the hat if he promised to wear it all week. I was thinking of the great pictures I would get and he was thinking of all the dark catacombs he would CIMG7671get to explore. I think it worked out pretty good and I did get some great pictures. Shortly after I made the same deal with the Green girl as she coveted a cloth pill box hat with a pattern that subtly included images of Jack Sklelington.  She looked very cute all week and was very pleased with her purchase.



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