Sipping the Kool-Aid Again

I went to the Luanch event today for Microsoft Office 2010. With my NEW JOB I probably won’t get to use much of what they went over today. It was a little bittersweet to think about not being the one to decide if and when we might use new technology. At the OLD JOB I pretty much made all of the decisions and would start using Office 2010 as soon as it came out. At my NEW JOB I am low enough in the food chain that I am not even sure they will ask my opinion. Needless to say I am much happier at my NEW JOB. I am using Windows 2003 and Windows XP, with Lotus Notes as my email client. All choices out of my control, but I don’t mind too much. I am enjoying the work I do and even though I am starting to realize that every place has it’s polotics at least it doesn’t feel like a personal attack as it did at the OLD JOB. I admit that I have had a few doubts about if making the leap was the right call, but the Old Soul was at the event today and we talked about things at the OLD COMPANY and I realized very quickly that I was glad to be gone. I feel like the Old Soul and BIL betrayed me a little because they are not interested in leaving. I always thought we complained about the same things, but I guess it doesn’tt crush their soul as much as it did mine. Intelectually I don’t really begrudge them trying to be happy with where they are, but emotionally it feels like they think I am an idiot for leaving. I really hate feeling like an idiot.
[Meta-Comment: I just found a new feature in the blog writer to insert a Search Link. It opens bing to a search page for the highlighted text. This is great since most of my links are informational I don’t really care about the specific page I just want the Loyal Reader to be able to pull up information on things that I talk about quickly. Very Cool.]
We are having a big Turning 40 party this weekend. Gen Y’s mom is catering for us at quite the discount. It is still probably way more money than we should have spent, but you only live once. Right? It should be fun. For my part I plan on having a beer or two at the beginning and then making it sombody elses job to ensure there is never an empty beer in my hand. I’ve had some recent outings that make me think drinking is not really worth it, but I won’t have to drive anywhere and we’ve never thrown a party like this and probably won’t again any time soon.
0 Miles.
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